What’s On


Fri 13th March –
Burlesque Bandstand

Burlesque Bandstand: bringing various genres of live music together with the sensual moves of burlesque in one toe-tapping show!

Love listening to the dulcet tones of live music? In our opinion, there’s no better way to enjoy a band or musician! Relish in the moment a burlesque performer takes to the stage? We do too. That’s why we have combined the best of both worlds in perfect harmony for your viewing and listening pleasure!



Sat 14th March –
EOSM Presents… A Tribite to Andrew Weatherall

Mark Dynamix (Electronique)
Dan Fulham (EOSM)
Tony ‘The Rebel’ King (Step On)

On March 14th we host a night paying tribute to the legendary Andrew Weatherall who sadly passed away this past month. Personally I’m devastated, he was my hero and I think it would be nice to hold a night to have a dance in his memory

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Sat 21st March –

Now in its second year, Hades continues to bring you style, sophistication and Fetish in a newbie-friendly BDSM, Goth and Alternative Lifestyle party.



Sat 28th March –
Eclectic Spacetime

Nonstandard Spacetime & The Eclectic Tribe Present:


Strap on your space helmets as this eclectic spaceship is taking off for unknown planets and uncharted nebulas! Please keep your hands and feet inside the club at all times as we’re warping through time and space this March to bring you eclectic sounds and scenes that you will teleport you to a consciousness-expanding dimension filled with psytrance, techno and love!🎶❤️

🎧 Lineup 🎧





🎵Ebony Willis

🎵Ellie Walsh

🎵Mha Iri



🎵Violet Eve(SA)



Fri 3rd April –
The Cheese Girls present… Which B**** is Witch?

Melbourne’s most loved comedic burlesque troupe The Cheese Girls are the Wierdos Mister!
They have joined forces with some of their best coven to bring you Which B**** is Witch? A celebration of the powerful witch in all of us! Eye of Newt, Toe of Frog, and a huge helping of Cheese Wiz are bubbling in the cauldron just for you!
Now who’s the baddest Witch in Town?
Performances by:
Ferri Maya
Elle Diablo
and The Cheese Girls – Taffy, Loli Box and Tiki Amazon



Sat 11th April –
Elysium Gothic Revival Party

Welcome to Your Dark Sanctuary…

Now in its second year, Elysium is a tribute to and revival of the classic Goth nights of the 1990s both in Australia and abroad. Many of our current scene Faithful cut their teeth in the 90s, and those who did not deserve to experience a slice of the decade for themselves as well.. So don your best black velvet, frock up and rock out to the classics and enjoy a few new tunes here and there as well!



Fri 17th April –
Altered State – Ellis Dee & Faydz


ELLIS DEE (UK) + DJ Faydz (UK) + More TBA!

Following on from our night with DJ Slipmatt, we are delighted to bring you not one but TWO huge legends of RAVE and Old Skool.

Ellis Dee & Faydz take you out into the farthest reaches of hard hitting breakbeat culture and mind blowing atmospheres.

Prepare for an epic return to the sounds of futures past, complete with tuned audio & massive visual stimulus..